The wedding day?

Let’s be honest, in all its varying forms, it remains a special day: it’s living a dream. To each his own.

I enter this dream as a narrator of emotions. My attention is focused on the protagonists but I don’t forget those around them and the surrounding context.

My presence is discreet: I don’t steal images, I build them together with people.

Whether a photo and scene is posed and choreographed or not does not matter; what matters to me is that it can give back the authentic essence of that day, as a testimony that over the years can narrate emotions without seeming dated.

For the creation of the album, I like to deliver my DIRECTOR’S CUT, MY VISION, THE PHOTOS THAT IN MY VIEW TELL THE POWER OF THAT DAY.

Usually this becomes a good starting point to write the story of your dream together.

The video follows the progress of a film, with clean images and movements that crystallize in an assembly performed on musical rhythms.

The most special day for me is the day I deliver my finished work to you. It is always a great feeling to see your eyes shining as you relive your wedding day through the images I created for you.